Our Services

Our customized approach combines deep insight into the development strategies of commercial real estate markets with close collaboration at all levels of the clients’ organization and their business partners.  Our professional advisory services include synthesis of our marketing knowledge, retail leasing expertise, and operational experiences that can create the maximum impacts to retail industry.  This ensures that our clients achieve competitive advantage in their specific commercial properties. 

As a key advisor on business tactics, we specialize in retail sales and marketing, retail and commercial property development, and retail-based project management. From concept initializing to project management, our shared purpose is to deliver you the professional practical services.  With depth and strength of experiences and understanding in retail property markets, our entrepreneurial spirit of project ownership drives us to innovate.  Through comprehensive retail and commercial real estate development and management, our core services include:

  • Retail Property Development Consulting

ThinkWork Project Development Consulting provides total advice for real and commercial property development, including real estate market research, catchment market analysis, and development strategies, and so on.  As total-solution real estate consulting, we focus on the development of strategic processes through the use of analysis and best practices, and enabling clients to make the best decisions.  Our goal is to ensure the competitive edge that fully aligned with the clients' overall objectives.

  • Retail Marketing Consulting and Event Management

ThinkWork provides the best Marketing Consulting and Event Management service for our clients.  We have combined the best alternatives including market analysis, experienced staffs, and industry expertise. Based on our experience and creative mindset, we offer retail property marketing solutions to ensure our clients make the difference in the competitive field.

  • Leasing Management Consulting

Our Leasing Management Consulting include project presentation, lease policy, rent negotiation, lease structuring, and value projection.  We ensure that every transaction supports our clients’ objectives and sustains their retail and commercial businesses in long run.  With our true understanding of retail and commercial real estate, we can provide customized and creative solutions to help meet specific retail business objectives.


21 April 2018

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