Our Team

With our strong passion in retail business, we share a deep commitment to our clients and a passion for positive change, which help create alternative thinking and solutions.  Our organizational structure is backed by a team possessing an intimate knowledge of the job functions, a fruitful intellectual capital, and a proven track record.  

ThinkWork Teams consist of people with inquiring minds working alongside specialists with years of industry experiences.  We are entrepreneurs who lead by strategic examples.  Through ThinkWork’s three working departments, we value and utilize the unique talents that each individual offers. 

  • Property Development Consulting Department

Our team provides clients professional and attentive services with in-depth expertise over decades of experience in retail industry.  The skills and experience of  ThinkWork team are in the areas of market analysis and a wide array of development specializations, including timely and relevant market research and analysis of business practices within the industry. 

  • Marketing Department

With marketing skills and experiences, our team investigates the market, tasks with evolving brand’s identity and builds the prospect’s knowledge to support leasing strategies.  We hold high levels of proficiency and keep viewing on market trends observing for opportunities that will match our clients’ satisfactions.

  • Leasing Department

To drive significant property value for clients through occupancy, we specialize in leasing with marketing understanding, insightful knowledge, and concrete market database.  Our many years of experiences have built a reputation for excellence in consistent services with actionable leasing plan and revenue creation opportunities  to help our clients outperform the market.

Retail property developers and investors seek our expertise because they know that we have the abilities, the people, and the database to execute their plan and make their thinkable ideas become achievable.  To ensure that our clients stays ahead of the game, we offer the prompt supports to the clients and the tenants by professionally providing effective advice so as to create high value after the building opening to the public.  Professional services for both our clients and their tenants are forthcoming by professional ongoing problem-solving.  Our collaborative work style and customized approaches ensure that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantages and secure long-lasting success of the properties.

21 April 2018

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